I simply love to teach.

In 2010 I started teaching Bachelor and Master students at The Royal College Of Music in Stockholm, where I still remain, and as of 2012 I am in charge of the clarinet department at The Music and Opera College at Mälardalen University in Västerås (long name yes, MOMDH for short). I have given numerous masterclasses around Europe, and also coached other instrumentalists and singers.

On top of all this I also give seminars – or, ONE seminar. Which I keep changing – in which I discuss different techniques in dealing with mental preparation, self coaching, striving to be a better human being etc. All this is scientifically solid, and the techniques is 95% stolen from the world of Track and Field athletes.

I also give private lessons online through Zoom, Skype etc. I teach any level of student, just send an email to lessons@emiljonason.se and I will get back to you.

Royal College of Music in Stockholm (official webpage)
– Bachelor Degree in Clarinet (14 hours per semester)
– Master Degree in Chamber Music/Orchestral Studies
– Advanced studies in Clarinet (1 or 2 years)

Music and Opera Academy at Mälardalen University in Västerås
– Bachelor Degree in Chamber Music (14 hours individual lessons per semester and 4 hours Chamber Music per semester/student/teacher)
– Main Instrument course, 50% study rate (14 hours individual lessons per semester, group classes and lessons with pianist)